Wwise 2018 Cube Demo: Audio Implementation Guide Series

Please Note: Due to a large update by Audio Kinetic in the second half of 2018 many processes and UI layout changes were added to Wwise.
This guide will only guide you though the now obsolete versions of Wwise before Version 2018.1.

For a new updated 2019 guide of this series please our new guide HERE:

This guide series aims to expand on Audiokinetics great introduction course Wwise 101.

What is the Guides Purpose?
To assist people who have completed the Wwise 101 course and want to develop the Cube game further.

We add many new audio features not available to the default project and address various bugs.

Need audio assets for this tutorial?

We have created a basic starter SFX library pack that you can purchase to assist with this guide here

What Content Does the Guide Series Cover?

(Click each chapter’s entry for more details related to each chapter)


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