Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 08: Armour

In this chapter we look at different armour types and how to implement hierarchy structures for each entity type.

Chapter 08 A: Armour Movement Player
* Adding a basic hierarchy structure so that an armour fast movement can be played in time with the player character’s footsteps
Video Guide: Here

Chapter 08 B: Armour Movement Enemy
As the enemy entity hierarchy is different to the player character we highlight how to:
* Add a basic hierarchy structure to trigger with an enemy entity footstep event is called by the game.
* Use the process listed to add armour to any other entity type.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 08 C: Armour Extra Detail
As me have now dealt with locomotion movement for all entities we can adapt the hierarchies so that we can add armour movement to other entity action types.
* Implement a new generic hierarchy structure to trigger armour movement for when the player character punches
* Think about other entity actions for adding armour movement to

Video Guide: Here

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