Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 11: Weapons

In this next chapter we focus on weapons and combat
We guide you through all implementation needed for each weapon & attacks available in the game.

Chapter 11 A – Weapon Shotgun & Rifle
We focus on the Rifle components.
* Rifle Fire
* Rifle Reload
* Rifle Bullet Drop

The hierarchy added for Rifle can then be duplicated and re-used for the Shotgun content.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 11 B – Weapon Machine Gun
The bullet drops will function differently to other weapon types, so we make use of a looping assets with timing offsets to match single of continuous firing by the machine gun.
* Machine Gun Fire
* Machine Gun Bullet Drop

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 11 C – Weapon Rocket Launcher
This weapon is again uniquely handled.
* Weapon Fire (with multiple layers)
* Projectile Fight (Start/stop + track the projectile in flight)
* Projectile Impact (Blend close & Far assets to trigger based on the player
characters position)

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 11 D – Weapon Punch & Bite
We highlight how to add a simple Punch hierarchy that can then be duplicate for the bite related content.

Video Guide: Here

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