SFX Library – Vocal Pack 05: Minotaur

Vocal Pack 05: Minotaur

The Mini Vocal Pack 05: Minotaur contains over 11 minutes (68 files) of high quality Minotaur styled vocalisation exertions using 1 human actor type & a German Sheppard Mix dog type.

The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further vocal details to be created for extra granular focus.

All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit.
Included in this pack:

  • 1 Human actor set: Attack, Death, Pain, Breath, Scream (Long & Short versions available for Attacks and Pains)
  • 1 set of German Sheppard Mix Dog type: Growls, Grunts, Panting, Barks, Sniffs / Sneezes (Close, Medium & Far Distant version available for Barks only)
  • Minotaur Individual vocal designed assets created from the construction kit for quick drag and drop access.
  • Sets of individual vocal designed assets (e.g. 4+ individual designed assets in one file)
  • Exertion Types included: Attack, Breath, Scream/Taunt,  Death, Grunt, Pain, Idle, Sniff
  • Basic construction kits of the original recordings with 2 microphone versions for all human content. 1 microphone version for dog related content.

Purchase the SFX pack: HERE

Preview the packs content below:

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