Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 00: Introduction

The Cube and Wwise demo package is a great starter learning package, but can quickly feel a limited with the default tech and processes available, but there is still lots of great content we can add not available with the default game project.
In this overview video we highlight what the guide series aims to cover. from initial install > scheduling & scoping > through to the final mix. Even QA audio testing.

It is highly advisable to try and pass the official Wwise 101 online course before starting this guide: https://www.audiokinetic.com/courses/wwise101/

Video Introduction:

We have created a Sample SFX Pack to support this guide series,
Please purchase the SFX Library available Here:

Please Note:
Any videos mentioning links to written guides or example content have been removed.
Please see the updated 2019 version of this guide series: HERE

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