Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 13: UI

In this chapter we overview a few basic hierarchy structures to assist with the minimal amount of UI In the game.

Chapter 13 A – UI Generic Hierarchy Structure
We set up a basic UI hierarchy structure that can be duplicated and reused for various other UI events in the game.
* We use as Enemies Spawn & Out Of Ammo as examples.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 13 B – UI Heartbeat & Breath
The heart beat (much like footsteps) has been an issue for some time.
We will implement a full new structure that will:
* Blend different heart beat speeds based on the player character health value.
  This will demonstrate that blends can be used in a slightly different way.
* Add a similar hierarchy that will handle different speeds of human breath vocalisations based on the player characters health value.
NOTE: There are various other ways the hierarchy could be implemented (e.g. RTPC health values)

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 13 C – UI 3D Teleport
We implement the only 3D static emitter in the game: Teleporter.

Sadly, we cannot add further 3D emitters to an environment without new code being added. Not having the ability to tag prefabs or adding spot emitters into a map is probably the most restricting audio issues in the CUBE demo. Which has a huge impact on the overall game wide soundscape.

NOTE: Usually spot emitters of this nature would be classed under environments.
For simplicity we have grouped it as UI.

Video Guide: Here

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