CUBE Wwise 2018 – Chapter 17: QA

QA Audio is vital to the project running smoothly.
As you quickly implement various new content into the game you will not have enough time to in-depth test your updates. This is where QA take over and report back to you with any bugs found.
The QA audio role is vast so we will highlight as much of the responsibilities and processes as possible for this role, as no guide appears to offer insight online.

NOTE: Chapter 17 D is also really helpful to sound designers wishing to script or create their own maps with different audio trigger points (e.g. the map – DCP the Core)

Chapter 17 A – QA – What is Audio Testing
A simple overview of what will be expect of an audio QA tester.

  • We highlight the day to day tasks you may experience

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 17 B – QA – Test Plan & Schedule
Throughout the project a QA coordinator will need to schedule when content is to be tested and how often an audio content areas needs to be tested to ensure no new bugs have been created.

  • We highlight how to create a test plan of all audio content, including a mock up test plan version for this Cube project.
  • How to plan the testing cycle.
  • A quick overview of milestone deadlines and testing

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 17 C – QA – Creating A Bug Report
A quick step to overview what a bug is & the variables of what will be needed to create a bug report.

  • we include an example of a mock up bug report related to the this project.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 17 D – QA – Create Test Maps
Unique QA test maps are vital for speed to test audio content quickly.
This step is also really handy for sound designers wishing to implement new content to scripted maps e.g. DCP_The_Core.

  • Create a unique map
  • Adding new surface types (as highlighted in Chapter 06)
  • Raising and lowering the terrain
  • Adding new pick up items like ammo, health, etc…
  • Adding new light sources, so you map is well lit
  • Adjusting the water level, so you have a deep pool of water
  • Adding each reverb zone (as highlighted in Chapter 06)
  • Add scripted trigger points for environments to start / stop.
  • Adding enemies. (NOTE: this is not featured in the video only the written guide as there appears to be a bug stopping enemies spawning in our build)

Video Guide: Here

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