Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 06: Environment

As no default environment process exists with the default project and no ability to use a spot emitter (without adding new code) we highlight a process to give your soundscape a backdrop to base all SFX content against.
This is quite a long chapter with many tasks that will require a lot of implementation.

Showcase Video – Environments: Here
Showcase Video – Underwater: Here

Chapter 06 A: Map Tracker
* Why use a tracker
* How to create and list content for the tracker

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 06 B: Reverb Zones
* How to create new Reverb zones in Wwise
* Adding cube script data for reverb zones
* Implementation of reverb zones in the cube game
* Saving and testing the updates.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 06 C – Environment Ambience
* Adding a structure to Wwise for different ambience and element types
* Adding new Wwise Events for each ambience type
* Add unique cube map script data to call new ambience events and content
* Test & integrity Report to validate your Wwise Hierarchy structure

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 06 D: Underwater
* Add supporting Wwise Hierarchy structure
* Add a global state control for underwater
* Implement a state for the player character in and out of water
* Add hierarchy for the player character entering and exiting water above waist
* In-game test & Wwise Integrity Report to validate the Hierarchy structure and

Video Guide: Here

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