Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 14: Data

To avoid a few bugs appearing in game and to prepare for the next chapters content (Adviser) we will need to add various game wide audio variables to control audio data in certain situations.

Note: We do implement variables that reference music data. If you have already implemented music into the Cube demo some of the items we highlight may not be needed, need expanding or adjusting.

Content covered in this chapter:

  • Adding new music states – Also how to trigger the new music states
  • Setting up the enemy aware event correctly with game parameter control – Again associated to music content
  • Set up player character states –  Event: Spawn_Player with various game wide parameters
  • Set up for Quad – This enables unique content to be triggered when the player character enables Quad (Stat boost) in game. e.g. A different music track or dialogue line

Video Guide: Here

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