Wwise 2019.1.1 Cube Demo: Audio Implementation Guide Series

In the second half of 2018 Audio Kinetic released a large update for Wwise, which overhauled a few of the key functions of Wwise & added some excellent new features. 

Sadly, the update made our 2018 original guide series slightly inconsistent.
We have decided to update the guide series to include the following improvements & updates:

  • Colour coding the hierarchy
  • Attenuation’s major updates.
  • Optimisation overhaul
  • A dedicated chapter for music implementation
  • A few fixes to the written guides
  • Written guides will now be fully displayed on this website
  • Simplified and updated quite a few processes

What will this guide series cover differently to the original guide series?
All implementation chapters will be updated (Chapter 04 on-wards)
We will re-use some chapter steps where the original guides are still functional or highlight processes like scheduling, scoping, basic Wwise info, non-Wwise related info, etc…

We have also created a basic cheap SFX pack to support this guide series.
Please support us to continue to make guides like this one by purchasing our SFX libraries at ASoundEffect

Before we begin, please note we are not connected or sponsored by Audio Kinetic / Wwise in anyway. These guides are our own personal approach to the Cube / Wwise demo project, which we have created in our spare time all the free.

Below lists links to each guides steps Video and Written guides. Simply click on the step you wish to look at.
NOTE: Blue = Old 2018 videos, Purple = New 2019 videos

* Trailer Videos (2018)
Trailers & Game-Play

* Chapter 00: Introduction (2018)

* Chapter 01: Basics(2018)
A: Getting Started
B: Wwise
C: What All Events & Game Syncs Do

* Chapter 02 Schedule & Scoping(2018)
A: Scheduling & Scoping
B: Daily Task Tracker

* Chapter 03: Wwise License(2018)
A: Project License

* Chapter 04: Wwise Project Clean up (2019)
A: Wwise Project Clean up

* Chapter 05: Wwise Preparation (2019)
A: Wwise Preparation

* Chapter 06: Environment (2019)
A: Environment Map Tracker
B: Reverb Zones
C: Ambience
D: Underwater

* Chapter 07: Footstep (2019)
A: Player Character
B: Fixing Material Types
C: New Material Types
D: Enemy Entity
E: Close & Far Blends

* Chapter 08: Armour (2019)
A: Player Character
B: Enemy Entity
C: Extra Detail

* Chapter 09: Vocalisation (2019)
A: Player Character Exertions
B: Player Character Dialogue
C: Idle
D: Enemy Entity
E: Stop 2 Events Playing At The Same Time

* Chapter 10: Body (2019)
A: Body Fall
B: Body Impact
C: Body Land

* Chapter 11: Weapon (2019)
A: Rifle / Shotgun
B: Machine Gun
C: Rocket Launcher
D: Punch & Bite

* Chapter 12: Magic (2019)
A: Magic

* Chapter 13: UI (2019)
A: Hierarchy Structure
B: HeartBeat & Vocal Breath
C: Teleporter 3D Emitter

* Chapter 14: Data (2019)
A: State Types & Game Parameters

* Chapter 15: Adviser (2019)
A: Map Intro
B: Map Results
C: Player Character Health

* Chapter 16: Balancing (2019)
A: Final Mix
B: Optimisation

* Chapter 17: QA (2018)
A: What is Audio Testing
B: Test Plan & Scheduling
C: Creating A bug Report
D: Creating & Scripting An Audio Test Map

* Chapter 18 Post Mortem(2018)
A: Postmortem

* Chapter 20: Music (2019)
A: Music

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