SFX Library – Footstep Pack 01: Humanoid

Footstep Pack 01: Humanoid

The Footstep Pack 01: Humanoid contains over 90 minutes (800 files) of high quality footsteps on multiple surface types and generic movement speed actions for an humanoid entity.

The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further foot details to be created for more granular focus.

All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit.
Included in this pack:

  • Individual footstep designed assets (30 assets per surface type/speed)
  • Sets of individual footstep designed assets (30 of the individual designed assets in one file)
  • Continuous loops of different footstep speeds on each surface type
  • Surface types: Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Leaves, Metal, Pebbles, Rock, Sand, Snow, Undergrowth, Wood & Water
  • Basic construction kits of the original recording with 2 microphone versions
  • Bonus content: Metal boot generic sweetener layers (Soft &  Hard surface types)

Purchase the pack: Here

Preview the packs content here:

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