Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 15: Adviser

In game adviser or narrators are used to assist the player with in game feedback or to give the feeling that the game is communicating with you.

In this chapter we look at how we can implement various key points in the game play that we can add adviser dialogue events.
As there is no default system for dialogue in general, we will make use of music parameters and SFX event calls.

We implement the following content over 3 main steps:

  • Adviser map results message for victory or defeat
  • Adviser map intro message
  • Adviser messages related to the player characters health value

Chapter 15 A – Adviser – Map Intro
When you first launch into any map we shall script an adviser event to be called.
* We set a basic hierarchy that can be used for all adviser content.
* Script an AK event to be called in each map script.
* We auto volume duck various SFX, Music and Dialogue content when adviser messages are triggered.

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 15 B – Adviser – Map Results
Depending on if you win or lose a battle we call either defeat or victory adviser message content via SFX events.
* Add unique hierarchy for adviser for map results Defeat or Victory

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 15 C – Adviser – Player Health
The adviser should offer the player in game audio assistance as the game is played.
In this step we tackle how could we implement adviser messages to trigger based on the player characters health value.
* Due to no supporting data tech to support this feature, this guide is quite
complicated and long. please plan time appropriately
* Implement a unique blend hierarchy, which defines 2 types of player health
messages 100>50 cautious, 50>0 = warning
* Auto volume ducking to dialogue & music content
* Add a delayed time value to re-trigger the messages
NOTE: We have tried to hack a lot of parameters to control the data as best as possible. There is one bug outstanding where a adviser message is called but silenced. With the auto volume ducking values we use, if you set the values too high then it will be noticeable in game that the volume drops for no reason.
The values in this guide are a good variable which you can then fine tune.

Video Guide: Here

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