Wwise CUBE 2018 – Chapter 09: Vocalisations

In this chapter we highlight different process and structure types so that you can implement different types of vocalisations, dialogue and characteristics to the player character and each enemy type.

Chapter 09 A: Vocal Player Character
* Implement unique hierarchy for the player character non worded vocalisations
* Implement player character vocal actions for:
– Attack(Punch)
– Pain
– Death
– Jump & Land
* A unique hierarchy for above & below water, so different assets can be used

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 09 B: Vocal Player Dialogue
* Implement vocal dialogue assets to the player character
* Randomly triggering the event when the player character fires a weapon
* We set up unique mixers to allow for detailed control

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 09 C: Vocal Idle
In this step we add a more advanced Wwise hierarchy structure so that we can implement idle vocalisations to play on any entity type
NOTE: This is not a professional solution that you would use in a game studio, however this aims to push your creative data flare.
* Implement idle vocalisations for the player Character
* Implement Idle vocalisations for the enemy entity Ogre
This hierarchy structure then can be copied and used on other enemy types

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 09 D: Vocal Enemy
* Implement a generic hierarchy for the Ogre enemy entities actions
– Death
– Pain
– Grunt
– Attack
* This hierarchy structure can then be copied for any other enemy entity type

Video Guide: Here

Chapter 09 E: Stop 2 Vocal Events Playing At The Same Time
* We use chapter 09 C + D step tutorials to set up the Bauul’s breath and
vocalisation action content.
* We silence the Bauul’s idle breath playing if the Bauul triggers e.g. a pain
vocal event. Then re-start the Bauul idle vocals.

Video Guide: Here

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