Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 09 D: Vocal – Enemy Entity

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 11/08/2019      Version: 2.00

In this guide we will focus on vocal exertions implementation that can be used for all enemy entity types.
To simplify the guide, we will highlight the Ogre as a generic example.
Use this guide as guidance to implement any enemy entity vocalisation types.
NOTE: Please ensure you have completed Chapter 09 C Idle Step 2 enemy entity before starting this chapter part. That guide sets up key hierarchy structures needed for this guide.

Guide Steps:

  • STEP 01: Death, Pain & Grunt
  • STEP 02: Attack
  • STEP 03: Test & Integrity Report

Task Time Needed: 1>4 hours (depending on amount of entity types)

Video Guide

Written Guide

Chapter 09 D – Step 01
Death, Pain and Grunt

This step sets up the data for ogre death vocal exertions to trigger.
However, the process is exactly the same for Pain and Grunt vocal types.


  1. In the Project Explorer > Vocal Wwise Work Unit,
    Right click the Vocal_Ogre Actor Mixer, then select New Child > Random Container.
    Name it: Vocal_Ogre_Death
  2. Drag in one-shot vocal audio assets to the Random Container.
    Place them under the path: SFX > VOCAL > OGRE > EXERTION
  3. With the Random Container selected, in the Property Editor > Positioning tab
    Tick Override parent
    Under Listener Relative Routing > 3D Spatialization, in the drop-down menu select Position + Orientation.
    Then under Attenuation assign the path: My Cube > Vocal > Vocal_Medium_Far.


  1. In the Project Explorer > Events tab, right click the Vocal Wwise Work Unit, then select: New Child > Virtual Folder
    Name it: Vocal_Ogre
  2. Locate the following events:
    > Death_Ogre
    > Grunt_Ogre
    > Pain_Ogre
    Drag the events into the new Vocal_Ogre Virtual Folder
  3. Select the Death_Ogre event.
    Return to the Actor Mixer Hierarchy, then drag the Vocal_Ogre_Death Switch container on to the events Play Action (currently assigned to Placeholder_Silence_One_Shot)

Repeat this guides Step 1 process to implement Grunts and Pain hierarchy for the Ogre.

  1. Save your Wwise project updates, then generate the sound banks.

Chapter 09 D – Step 02

As no event exists for Ogre attacks, we will set up content to trigger when ever the Ogre performs an attack move.


  1. In the Project Explorer > Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Vocal_Ogre Actor Mixer,
  2. Copy and paste any 1 of the Random Container (that we set up in STEP 1), to the same location
    Name it: Vocal_Ogre_Attack
  3. Delete the assets from the duplicated hierarchy.
  4. Drag in one-shot vocal audio assets into the new Random Container
    Place them in the following path: SFX > VOCAL > OGRE > EXERTION


  1. In the Project Explorer > Events tab, locate the event Fire_Fireball_Monster
  2. Select the event. Then in the Events Editor > List, right click, then select > New Action > Play.
  3. Return to the Actor Mixer Hierarchy, then drag the Vocal_Ogre_Attack Random Container onto the new Play Action Line target column.
  • TIP: Every time an ogre fires its Cannon Weapon, a vocal exertion will also be triggered.
  1. To set a bit of random-ness to the vocalisation triggering,
    Select the Play Action line with the vocalisation, then change the Probability value to 80.
  • TIP: This will mean the vocal exertion will not play with every shot fired by the ogre entity.
    Adjust the Probability value to your liking.
  1. Save your Wwise project updates, then generate the sound banks.

Chapter 09 D – Step 03
Test & Integrity Report

As usual we will test our updates.
Then we will highlight further entity vocal data to be implement

  1. Boot up the game, connect Wwise to the game.
  2. In Wwise, Solo the Actor Mixer Hierarchy > Vocal_Ogre Actor Mixer
  3. Then change to the Profiler Layout. Then filter by Vocal_ Ogre
  4. Load a single player DMSP map, then wait for an ogre to spawn.
  5. Try to trigger all vocal content you have set up in this guide.
  • TIP: Note the Grunt vocal type will only trigger in the scripted maps e.g. the_core.
    Strangely they do not trigger in DMSP maps!?
  1. Add any balancing settings
  2. Close the game
  3. Save your Wwise project updates, then generate the sound banks.
  4. Finally run an integrity report to confirm your data is set up correctly.

Use this Chapters steps to implement hierarchy for any other enemy entity type that you wish t  assign your own content too.
You can duplicate the ogre Hierarchy and rename the Containers for each entity type, to reduce implementation task time needed

NOTE: In the next chapters part of this guide we will add a few extra controls to the bauul’s idle vocals

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