Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 08 C: Armour – Extra Detail

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 08/08/2019     Version: 2.00

In this guide we will look at other events & actions that we can assign armour assets to play with.

We will highlight the player character punch action as an example.

  • TIP: In a professional environment, Different speeds of Foley content would be created, e.g. Slow, fast, Footstep, etc… with multiple armour types, e.g. Chainmail, segmented, Leather, Cloth, etc…
    This content would then be under one parent switch then tagged to an animation in time with the movement.  The entity type would then have some kind of associated audio armour type tagged.
    This hugely reduces the amount of animation that would need tagging, due to shared, reskinned entity models.

Guide Steps:

  • STEP 01: Wwise Hierarchy
  • STEP 02: Test & Future Event Association

Task Time Needed: 1 hour

Video Guide

Written Guide 

Chapter 08 C – Step 01
Wwise Hierarchy

Due to the unique hierarchy structure of the Armour_Leather_Player_Movement_Fast using Silence Sound SFX we cannot reliably reuse this hierarchy.
We will instead adapt the hierarchy so that every time the armour event is called it will trigger an asset


  1. Navigate to the Armour_Leather_Player_Movement_Fast Switch Container, that we set up in Chapter 08 A.
    Copy the Armour_Leather_Player_Movement_Fast Switch Container to the same location under the Armour_Leather_Player Actor Mixer
    Rename it: Armour_Leather_Player_Action_Fast
  2. Delete the Sequence Container
  3. Then Select the Armour_Leather_Player_Action_Fast Switch container.
    Right click, then select New Child > Random Container.
    Name it Armour_Leather_Player_Action_Fast.
  4. Copy & Paste the 4 armour leather movement assets from the Armor_Leather_Player_Movement_Fast Sequence container into the new Random Container.

Assigning State:

  1. Select the Armour_Leather_Player_Movement_Fast Switch Container.
    Then in the Contents Editor, assign the new Random container to the Assigned Objects None & No.


  1. In Project Explorer > Events tab > Under the Unused folder, find the event Fire_Fist_Player
    Select the Event.
  • TIP: For now, we will leave the event here. We will move it in a later chapter to the correct location.
  1. In the Event Editor, Actions list, right click then select, New Action > Play.
  2. Navigate back to the Armour_Leather_Player_Action_Fast Switch container, under the Actor-Mixer hierarchy
    Then drag it onto the new Play event we have just assigned
  3. Add a Delay of 0.05
  • TIP: This enables the sound to trigger slightly after the Punch impact would play.
    (We will impact Punch in a later chapter)
  1. Save your Wwise project updates and generate the sound banks

Chapter 08 C – Step 02
Test & Future Event Association

In this step we will test the update and think ahead about other places to associate Armour Movement Foley

  1. Boot up the game and connect Wwise
  2. Press 0 (Zero) on your keyboard to change weapon types to fist.
  3. Now Left click the mouse to make the player character perform a punch action.
    Without the punch asset it is a little underwhelming.
    (We will return to punch in a later chapter)
  4. There is no need to add any balancing as we are reusing the same armour movement hierarchy values that we have already balanced for the footstep armour movement content.

This is only one of many places we can add armour movement Foley to various hardcoded default sound events throughout the cube game.

As you progress further through the guide series, add armour movement Foley where ever you feel it is needed. Not just to the player character, but enemy content too.

If you ever need to add different balancing or positioning, duplicate the relevant Armour_Movement Wwise hierarchy container types, then associate the sound event with the new duplicated hierarchy.

Obviously only use the player Armour Foley for the Player character and use enemy Armour Foley hierarchy for any Enemy entities. (Due to the different hierarchy structuring)

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