Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 01 C: Basics – What All Sound Events & Game Syncs Do

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 17/08/2018     Version: 1.00

Download: CUBE_Wwise_Chapter_01_C_What_All-Sound_Events_&_Game_Syncs_Do_V1.00
This is a handy quick list that gives an overview of what every Event and most Game Syncs do with a few notes or warning about usage
Use this list to assess what each event does and what you would like to do with it.
NOTE: There is a chance a few notes are incorrect, without being able to debug code, the details listed are best guessed information.

Video Guide

Written Guide

EVENTS: This tab lists all available default events that have been hard-coded or implemented for the default Cube project into the Wwise engine.
Details listed can be filtered or searched.
Events are basically calls from the game engine to Wwise of what audio asset to play.

GAME SYNC: This tab lists all available default game syncs that can be used to control content implemented in Wwise.
Details listed can be filtered or searched.
Game Syncs are basically a way to control how an asset get played.

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