Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 06 A: Environment – Map Tagging Tracker

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd Date: 31/08/2018 Version: 1.00

This quick guide list how to create a tracker document of all the audio manual tagging tasks you will need to implement for each map.
For example: Via each maps .cfg file we can script audio content to trigger.

Download an example Excel Map Tracker document here: EXAMPLE_CUBE_Audio_Map_Tagging_Tracker_V1.00

Video Guide

Written Guide

As there are over 100+ maps and multiple audio content types needed for each map, it would be very easy to loose track of what has and has not been done.
This is why we introduce a tracker status document.
As we tag different audio content to each map, we update the status in the tracker document.
TIP: To understand what each columns content is related to, mouse over the header to get more details.
All status listed for each map is calculated to a simple overview so we can see how much of the task is completed or is falling behind.
TIP: In a professional environment, a simple formula could be added to track the task time against a deadline or task completion date. If you choose to do this, add task time based columns to accompany each columns task area. Then calculate column task time remaining totals against a date or total task time value.

We make use of simple drop down menus to eliminate errors that could cause the overview calculations to be incorrect.
When scoping the game, it was decided not to tag all scripted story maps as was going to take a huge amount of time and over milestone deadlines that we set.
Random single player maps where mainly focused on.

How you construct your tracker list is up to you, but hopefully this will give you a starting example.

– TIP: In the variables tab 2 free cells have been left for the drop down menu’s if you choose to add new options.
However, you will need to add new overview tracker updates so that the overview statistics are correctly displayed & any colour cell coding will need adding.

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