Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 01 A: Basics – Getting Started

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 13/08/2018      Version: 1.00

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is based on the old Wwise 2107 version, however the Principles will be virtually the same for the Wwise 2019 Version

This guide will cover the basics to get you set up with Wwise & the Cube game for the first time.

Guide Steps:
* STEP 01:
AudioKinectic Register Account
* STEP 02:
Download & Install The Project
* STEP 03:
Launching Wwise & The Cube Game
* STEP 04:
Connect Wwise To Cube Game + Wwise Profiler

Task Time Needed: 1 Hour

Video Guide

Written Guide

AudioKinectic Register Account

First you will need to register an account with AudioKinectic via their website
Visit https://www.audiokinetic.com/products/wwise/

  1. Click on “Download Wwise”
  2. Select your operating system (Mac or Windows)
    Click on the Download Wwise launcher button
    You should now see a download message in your browser for the “Wwise Launcher”
    Keep it viewable, we will run it in a minute.
  3. Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”
  4. Sign up, add your email address, password and confirm you not a robot.
    Click on “Create Account”
  5. Check your emails (possibly your spam inbox)
    Click on the link in the email to validate your account.
  6. Fill in the details required. Then Click create account
  7. Now run the Wwise installer.
  8. Once the installer is completed, the Wwise Launcher window pops up.
    Sign in to access Wwise launcher.

Download & Install The Project

Using the Wwise launcher we will download the Wwise Cube project

  1. Open the Wwise Launcher
  2. In the Wwise Launcher click on the “WWISE” header.
    Under “INSTALL NEW VERSION” select the Wwise project version you wish to use e.g. Wwise 2017 Click on “Install”
  3. The next window will give you an option of every project available to download with a compatible Wwise project.
    Authoring: Ticked
    SDK (C++): I suggest a tick here for debugging if the game crashes later. If you are planning to modify the code of the cube Wwise project, add a tick here also
    Packages: Samples – Select the Cube (Demo)
    * TIP: Use the select All button if you want to download everything available.
    Deployment platforms: Select the operating system and platforms you will be working with.
    Finally select a path to where Wwise will install all the above content. E.G. C:\Wwise_Test\
    Click “Next”
  4. The next screen “CHOOSE PLUG-INS” For now, ignore and click on “Install”
  5. Wwise and the cube game will now be installed.
    Say “yes” to any popups messages.
  6. Once the download is install successfully. The Wwise launcher will display a confirmation message.
    * TIP: AudioKinectic updates its Wwise software often.
    Using the Wwise launcher, you can safely install new versions of Wwise without damaging any work you have completed in an old version of Wwise.
    As long as you open the project from the location you have been working in the latest version of Wwise + Cube can be opened. (this is why we set up a desk top link to the project location at the start of the project)
    If you open a new version of Wwise directly. You will have the old default data viewable.

Launching Wwise & Cube

  1. Open the Wwise Launcher
  2. In the Wwise Launcher “Project” tab you will see the projects you have downloaded.
    Click on the “show more” option and find the path listed on your computer.
    B version: If you do not find any CUBE listed in the project tab, in the Wwise installer click on the “Samples” tab, then Wwise from the drop-down menu. The Cube game should then be found here. Click the “Run Cube” Option. Then select Open in containing folder
  1. In the folder list of folders: Authoring, Cube, SDK,
    Create a shortcut to your desktop of the cube folder (for quick access)
    Then select the “Cube” Folder
  2. In the next list of folders, the 2 folder you will be working in are:
    – the game .exe lives here.
    – You will modify scripts and data for audio related tasks here
    – The Wwise exe and project content is kept here
    – Everything you need related to implementing audio content to Wwise is located here
  3. Let’s boot up Wwise
    Click on the exe here: E.G. C:\…\cube\WwiseProject\Cube
  4. Read the End-User License Agreement. Then Click “Accept”
    The Wwise project will now open. More on this later!
  5. Let’s now boot up the Cube game demo
    Click on this executable: E.G. C:\…\Cube\cube\cube-profile.bat
    The cube demo will now launch into a Generic mission with no enemies spawning.
    Again, more on this later.
    * TIP: You will notice you cannot your cursor outside of the CUBE game window.
    There are various ways to return to your desktop window with the game open.
    The quickest way is to press the “WINDOWS” on your keyboard, then click on your desktop window.

Connecting Wwise to Cube + Profiler

  1. In the Wwise Window click on the “Remote button”
  2. The “Remote connections” window will now display.
    This gives you a list of exe’s Wwise can connect to.
    You should only have one entry in this list with the status saying “Ready”
    * TIP: If you have multiple versions of Wwise installed (from various updates) the status may say “version difference” (Cube + Wwise do not share the same code base) if so head back to the Wwise launcher and select/open a different Wwise version. Repeat above steps until Status says ready.
  3. Double click the entry in the list window or Select the entry in the list window, then select Connect to IP.
    Wwise is now connected to the Cube game.Now we are going to look at the Profiler window.
    As you play the cube game, the Wwise profiler window will list what audio content is triggered in real time while you play the Cube game.
  4. Ensure “Stop Capture” is highlighted in Red at the top of the Wwise window.
    (if “Start Capture” is displayed, click to enable it)
    Also ensure “Follow Capture Time” is enabled.
  5. In the Wwise toolbar, select Layouts > Profiler.
  6. The Profiler window is now displayed. As you play the Cube game the Capture Log (and Advanced Profiler) list will be populated with what audio content gets triggered, how it triggers and any errors found.

This concludes the basics to set up / Launching Wwise and the Cube demo. Before moving on to the next guides, I suggest:

  • Play the cube game for an hour or so. Get used to the game.
  • Watch the profiler window for what audio content triggers as you play.
  • Start thinking about how you want to break the content down into individual assets (preparing to scope the project)
  • Take the Wwise 101 online course. This will teach you all the basics you need for operating in Wwise. This course may take a few hours to complete and pass.

Without taking the Wwise 101 course you can progress with the guides in this series. However, the knowledge in the 101 course will hugely aid your understanding of the content in these guides and Wwise in general.



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