Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 11 D: Weapon – Punch & Bite

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 18/08/2019      Version: 2.00

Due to no material type collision code being implemented for punch and bite events we are unable to do add different types of armour impacts.
For example Punch leather, Punch segmented.
Both the Bite and Punch share the same hierarchy type structures.
For this guide we will implement punch.
You can then duplicate the hierarchy for the Hellpig bites assigning the content to the associated event: Fire_Bite_Monster

Guide Steps:

  • STEP 01: Wwise Hierarchy Structure
  • STEP 02: Test & Integrity Report

Task Time Needed: 1>2 Hours

Video Guide

Written Guide

Chapter 11 D – Step 01
Basic Hierarchy Structure

We will set up the basic hierarchy structure for the Punch content.


  1. Navigate to the Project Explorer > Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Weapon Wwise Work Unit.
    Right click then select New Child > Actor Mixer
    Name it: Weapon_Punch
  2. Select the Actor Mixer, then in the Property Editor > Output Bus, assign the following path:
    SFX > Weapon
  3. Right click the Actor Mixer, then select New Child > Random Container.
    Name it: Weapon_Punch_Generic
  4. Drag in associated one-shot punch audio assets. Place them under the path:
    SFX > Weapon > Punch
  • TIP: In a professional environment you would have code & data processes for what the punch is impacting, this would allow you to implement different armour type impacts and also stop punch triggering what the fist is just hitting thin air.


  1. Navigate to the Project Explorer > Events tab.
    Right click the Weapon Wwise Work Unit, then select New Child > Virtual Folder.
    Name it: Weapon_Punch
  2. Locate the event: Fire_Fist_Player
    Then cut & paste it into the new Virtual Folder.
  3. Select the Event, then navigate back to the Audio tab > Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Weapon_Punch_Generic Random Container.
    Drag the Random Container onto the Event Play Action line
  4. Select the Fire_Fist_Player Event, then press play on the transport control.
    If you have been following this guide and implementing all content up till now you should hear, Punch impact, Armour Foley and the odd Vocal exertion.
  5. Save your Wwise Project updates and Generate the Sound Banks.

For the Hellpig Bite content:
At this point you could duplicate the hierarchy. Then rename the content to Bite.
Add new bite assets, then assign the random container to the event Fire_Bite_Monster.

Chapter 11 D – Step 02
Test & Integrity Report

Lastly, we test our updates in game.

  1. Boot up the game and connect Wwise to the game.
  2. In Wwise, Solo the Actor Mixer Weapon_Punch
  3. Back in game, press the 0 (Zero) key on your keyboard to change to the player character Fist.
  4. Now perform an attack.
    TIP: If you have been following the full guide up till now, un-solo the punch hierarchy, so all content is able to be heard. You should hear punch, armour Foley and the odd vocalisation from the player character.
  5. Add any balancing changes you wish to add
  6. Close the game.
  7. Save your Wwise Project updates and Generate the Sound Banks.
  8. Finally run a Wwise Integrity Report to validate your data hierarchy structures.

Also, if you implemented the Hellpig bite event content, give that a test too.

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