Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 09 E: Vocal – Stop 2 Different Vocal Types Playing At The Same Time

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd   Date: 11/08/2019    Version: 2.00

In this guide we will highlight a solution to silence a Vocal asset when a different vocal type is called.
This process will stop an entity playing 2 vocal types at the same time.
In this example we will look at the bauul entity.
We will setup A continuous breath to play on the entity, then when an attack vocal is called the breath will be silence, until the attack vocal has stopped.

Guide Steps:

  • STEP 01: Wwise Hierarchy Structure
  • STEP 02: Test & Integrity Report

Task Time Needed: 1 Hour

Video Guide

Written Guide

Chapter 09 E – Step 01
Wwise Hierarchy Structure

Use Chapter 09 C+ D guides to set-up idle One shot breath audio assets continuously looping/triggering on the Bauul and add a Basic enemy hierarchy for the Bauul including an attack Random container.

  1. In the Project Explorer > Master-Mixer Hierarchy > Vocal audio Bus, right click then select New Child > Audio Bus.
    Name it: Vocal Bauul
  2. Repeat step one. Name the new Audio Bus: Vocal_Bauul_Idle
  3. Select the Vocal_Bauul audio bus, then in the Property Editor > Auto-ducking tab, click on the Insert UI button.
  4. Navigate the hierarchy list to the Vocal_Bauul_Idle Audio Bus
  5. Change the following values
    Volume to -96
    Fade out 0.3
    Fade In 0.3
  6. Also, in the tab change the recovery time to 0.
  7. Navigate to the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Vocal_Bauul_Attack Random Container
  8. In the Property Editor > General Settings tab > Output bus
    Tick override Parent,
    Then assign the Vocal_Bauul Audio Bus
  9. Navigate to the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Vocal_Bauul_Idle Random Container
  10. In the Property Editor > General Settings tab > Output Bus,
    Tick Override Parent,
    Then assign the Vocal_Bauul_Idle audio bus.
  11. Ensure the Vocal_Bauul_Idle Random Container is set up with the data we outline in Chapter 09 C Step 02: Enemy. Do not add a Transitions > Duration > Randomizer values.
  12. Navigate to the Event: Foot_Bauul. Add a new play event, then drag the Vocal_Bauul_Idle Random Container on to the new Play Target line.
  13. Save your Wwise Project updates, then Generate the sound banks.

You could add these setting for all other vocal types other than Idle.
Assign the Vocal_Bauul Audio Bus to each Bauul vocal type (Death, Grunt & Pain) Output Bus.
This will ensure the idle Bauul breath is silenced when another Vocalisation type is called from the Bauul entity.
For the Purpose of this video we will only assign attack.

Chapter 09 E – Step 02
Test & Integrity Report

In this step, we will test that the Bauul entity breaths (Idle) firstly triggers, then test if it will duck to silence when the Bauul performs an attack action, allowing only the vocal attack Audio asset to be heard. then the breath audio assets will be heard again.

  1. Boot up the game and connect Wwise to the game.
    In Wwise, Solo the Vocal_Bauul Actor Mixer
    Then change to the Profiler layout
  2. Filter the Profiler layout results by the Vocal Bauul Actor Mixer.
  3. Load a DMSP single player map, then wait for a Bauul to spawn.
  4. Once the Bauul attacks you will hear the breath is silenced with a natural fade in / out to allow the vocal attack audio assets to be heard before the breath audio assets restarts.
  5. Add any balancing changes you wish to add.
  6. Save your Wwise Project updates, then generate the sound banks.
  7. Run a Wwise Integrity Report to validate your Wwise data updates.

NOTE: The Bauul idle content will continue to trigger after the Bauul dies.
To stop this find the event Death_Bauul, add a stop event, then add the Vocal_Bauul_Idle Hierarchy to the event.
This data structure can be used in a variety of situations, not just vocalisations.
Be careful not to over use it. The last thing you will need when you come to the final mix is 100’s of audio buses to navigate through!

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