Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 03 A: Wwise – License

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 24/08/2018      Version: 1.00

This guide will highlight how to apply for an unlocked Wwise license via AudioKinectic website

If you plan to implement multiple versions of your own assets or purchase the game audio resource full library assets to implemented into Wwise, then you will need to apply for an unlocked Wwise project license.

  • TIP: Don’t be scared to approach Wwise to ask for a non-commercial license. The Wwise team are friendly and are happy to help assist you.

Task Time Needed: 30 Minutes

Video Guide

Applying for the License

The process is straight forward and will not take long to apply for

  1. Open the Wwise launcher, In the Projects tab, locate the project you wish to apply for e.g. Cube. Next to the project you will see a Key icon. Click this UI for the Register your Project to Obtain a License option.

Your internet browser will now open the Wwise website Register a Project page

  1. From here, answer all questions asked and give all details requested.

Obviously, state when asked that you need more than the 200 assets limit.

  • TIP: As long as you are not planning to make profit by releasing your final Wwise project directly, you should choose the Non-Commercial option.
  1. Read and agree to the Agreement between you and Wwise for the license.
  2. Review the summary of the details you have supplied.
  3. Then submit the request.
  4. Within a few days you should hear back from Wwise stating if you have been approved for a license.
  • TIP: The Wwise staff are very helpful. If you get stuck at any point you can message them for advice via their website’s contact us form.
  1. If Wwise accept your application you will receive information of what to do next to unlock the license with a new license key.
  • TIP: Due to possibly breaching Wwise conditions, we cannot inform you how to implement and activate a new license. However, Wwise will provide you with all the information you will need to get your Wwise Project unlocked.



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