Wwise CUBE 2019 – CHAPTER 18: Post Mortem

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd Date: 09/11/2018 Version: 1.00

After every major project each development team will usually individually come together with notes about the positives and negatives of how the project progressed.

Video Guide

Written Guide
This is a great time to highlight new processes, tools and ideas needed for the next project.
Once all results have been compiled together from all team members, these will be priority assessed. Then passed to production to create a global project post mortem overview.
Please see our example post mortem list we created for the Cube Wwise demo below for examples of points experienced during this projects development.

We list out some of the positive & negative points we experienced during the project. Listed with a priority number 1= high. 3 = Low
We also list which area of audio the point is related to.
Where possible we also list a solution to any improvement needed
A post mortem is vital to close a project so points can be improved going forward to the next major project.

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