Wwise CUBE 2019: CHAPTER 17 B: QA – Test Plan & Schedule

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd Date: 06/11/2018 Version: 1.00

In this guide we quickly highlight how to create a QA test plan and highlight a few points of interest.
The example test plan we have created (found in the link below) is provided as an example of how you could set up your own QA test plan

Video Guide

Written Guide

Collect Data Of All Audio Content To Test

Firstly we need to list all content that needs testing
Use the Project tracker with all audio content needed for the project or go through each work unit in the Wwise project.
With a coder help you could also get a list from Wwise into an .CSV spreadsheet of the full Wwise hierarchy and create the plan from that.
Do not forget to list external audio tools, like animations, environments, reverb zones, UI, etc… to test tools are also working correctly.
Also assess with the audio team, when content is to be created, this will aid you to schedule content area testing through-out the project.

List Content Area Tabs & Individual Items

Once you have all the content you need, break each area up into content area types, footsteps, bodyfalls, etc…
Once you have the basic tabs, add status, bug no, tested by and comment columns.
NOTE: It is recommended to use variables lists for the status columns as this aid consistent formula calculations.
Then on each tab create total status stats that sum up each status variable percentage.
Be consist with your formatting layout as it will help with formula calculations.

Global Status

We need to create a front Global Status sheet.
List each individual main audio content areas, e.g. footsteps, armour, music, etc..
Then we want to formula reference each tabs status type % to each content area.
Now we have each tab, auto referencing each tabs status we can add global project OVERALL status values.


Finally we need to work out a schedule of how long each content area takes to test, who will do the testing, when the testing will be completed and how often the full game will be fully test cycled.

Once you have added all the above, test all formulas are working correctly.
Then start putting your test plan into action.

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