Wwise Unreal 2019 – Chapter 02D: Wwise – Adding New Platforms

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 09/11/2019      Version: 1.00

Wwise Unreal: Chapter 02 D – Wwise:
Adding New Platforms

In this quick guide, we overview how to add a new platform to your Wwise project + UE4 hierarchy.
In the Wwise integration we only set up for Mac & Windows platforms. The SDK integrated with Wwise also includes the Android platform.

Download the free associated written guide:

Video Guide

Written Guide

  1. In the Wwise Toolbar navigate to > Project > Platform Manager
    You will now see a list of platforms that are currently set up for use
    g. Mac & Windows.
  2. We will now add another platform
    Click on the Add UI Button
  3. In the popup window > Base Platform > select the platform you wish to add e.g. Android.
    – TIP: If you want to change the platform name (not recommended for commercial platforms)
    Click on the Override Default Name tick box, then add the name you wish to use.
  4. For now, leave the “Copy Settings from” as Mac
  5. Click OK, closing the window.
  6. To confirm the platform update in the Platform Manager, click Okay.
    An assert will be displayed, saying this feature cannot be undone.
    If you wish to continue select Yes
  7. Wwise will now reload
  8. Once Wwise has reloaded, return to the Wwise toolbar > project > Platform Manager.
    You should now see the new platform you have added is now live in your Wwise project.
  9. Navigate to the Wwise Layout: Sound Banks.
    You will see in the SoundBank Manager > Platforms section > the new platform is now listed.
    Tick the new platform, then generate the Sound Banks.
    Once completed we need to update UE4 with the new platform sound banks.
  10. In UE4, in the toolbar > Build option select Generate SoundBanks…
    Under Available Platforms, Highlight the new platform added (e.g. Android)
    Then click the Generate UI Button.
    Import the new Sound Banks. When the popup assert message is displayed.
    Finally we double check the platforms Sound Banks have correctly been built in UE4 hierarchy.
    In the Content Browser tab > Wwise Audio folder, you should now see the new platform.

From now on all platform Sound Banks need to be updated regularly to include any Wwise /  UE4 audio data updates you add to the project.
If you have a tools team or a server manager, you may be able to automate the server to build the UE4 sound banks every day.

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