Wwise Unreal 2019 – Chapter 02E: Wwise – Source Control – Perforce

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Wwise Unreal: Chapter 02 E – Wwise:
Source Control: Perforce

In this guide, we quickly look at how to give Wwise access to central project source control platforms like Perforce.
Using Source control allows the user to time stamp check-ins of content, giving a point in time the Wwise or UE4 project can then be reverted back to if needed.


  • STEP 01: Installing Perforce & Wwise Enabled Source Control
  • STEP 02: Perforce, What To Submit

Download the associated written guide:

Video Guide

Written Guide

Please Note

For those of you that are working remotely or with an internal team, you will no doubt being using a central project manager of global game content updates, submitted by every team member daily.
Most common in a professional environment is Perforce Helix P4V.
Wwise has a feature that allows Wwise to communicate with Perforce directly.

Helix Core is available for free for a team of up to 5 people.
If you wish investigate it further and try for yourself source control management via Perforce.
Please visit this link:

STEP 01:
Installing Perforce &
Wwise Enabled Source Control

First we install Perforce, then setup connection details of Perforce in Wwise.

  1. You will need to install the correct Perforce software.
    Normally in larger game dev teams Helix Visual Client P4V will be used.
  2. Once installed, the team you are working with will give you details & address ID’s to connect Perforce Helix to. This enables you to connect to the same project server data that the entire team are working with. Also, allowing you to have access to the project data, so you can download the projects content
    – TIP: Obviously, never share any connection details without outside of the team you work with
  3. Once P4V is set up and working, open Wwise
  4. In the Wwise Tool bar, navigate to: Project > Project Settings > Generals tab > Workgroup.
    Under plugin, in the drop-down menu, change to the Perforce option.
  5. Then click on the Config UI Button.
    Input the connect to server details ID address.
  6. Click okay to confirm.

What Exactly does Source control do?
Every time you save in Wwise or unreal, the associated content you have modified will then be checked out in Perforce, into a submissions list that can then be submitted to a central server location
(NOTE: New files are not automated, these will need to be marked manually as “Add” to be shown in the Perforce submission list)

However, a Big note for Freelance / remote workers!
If you are remote working to a central server, it is advisable to not enable this setting. Connection times to central server when saving Wwise can take a while to process. In otherworld’s can really slow down your workflow speed hugely.
If you are working internally or at the same location as the server, then process speed is extremely quick & absolutely recommended to be enabled.

STEP 02:
Perforce What To Submit

If you are working with a central file manager (e.g. Perforce) to a central location, you will need to submit your local updates to the live server

 Below is a list of files you will generally need to upload:
> Wwise: Anything not a cache file with the prefix “WwiseProject” – DO NOT submit any chache folders or content
> Plugins/Wwise
> Any TEST folders & Content
> The UE4 map containing audio emitters
> Audio assets in the UE4 Audio folders
> Content/WwiseAudio folders / content
> Ensure you upload the Wwise Project contents folder & the Wwise Sound Banks kept in different UE4 folder hierarchy (WwiseAudio)

Keeping audio related updated folders and file naming consistent in UE4 & Wwise, will really help accessing what files you need to submit!
Also naming your submissions consistently will help viewing your submissions history.

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