Wwise Unreal 2019 – Chapter 06A: Cinematic – Map Start Sting

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 09/11/2019      Version: 1.00

Wwise UE4: Chapter 06 A– Cinematic:
Map Start Sting

In this guide we outline a very simple use of the Level BluePrint to hook an AK node to a simple Wwise one-shot event,
to be played once every time the map is loaded.


  • STEP 01: Wwise Hierarchy
  • STEP 02: Unreal Hierarchy
  • STEP 03: Unreal Level BP

Download the free associated written guide:

Video Guide

Written Guide

STEP 01:
Wwise Hierarchy

First we set up the Wwise hierarchy with the associated content needed.

  1. First, we need to add consistent Cinematic Work Units to the Master-Mixer, Actor-Mixer & Event Hierarchies. Also, an SB_Cinematic Sound Bank. Use Chapter 02 as reference to set up the 3 master areas consistently with new Cinematic content.
  2. Navigate to the Audio Tab > Actor-Mixer Hierarchy > Default Work Unit > Cinematic Wwise Work Unit.
    Right click then select: New Child > Actor-Mixer.
    Name it: CIN_Intro
  3. In the General Settings tab > Output Bus, assign the Cinematic Audio Bus.
  4. Also in the General Settings tab, Game-defined Auxiliary Sends, tick the Use game-defined auxiliary sends tick box.
  5. Drag in a one-shot a cinematic sting audio asset under the Actor Mixer.
    Place the asset under following File Importer > Destination path:
    SFX > New Folder – Cinematic
  6. Right click the audio asset then select: New Event > Play
  7. Navigate to the Events tab. Locate the new event then rename it to: SFX_CIN_Intro.
  8. Right click the Cinematic Wwise Work Unit, then select: New Child > Virtual Folder
    Name it: CIN_Intro
    Then drag the event into the Cinematic Work Unit.
  9. Save your Wwise Project updates and Generate the Sound Banks.
  10. Check the new SB_Cinematic Sound Bank includes the new SFX_CIN_Intro content

STEP 02:
Unreal Hierarchy

Next, we set up the associated Unreal Data

  1. Again, we need to set up a consistent Cinematic folder structure and add a new Sound Bank for Cinematic content. Refer to Chapter 02 for any assistance needed
  2. In Unreal navigate to the Content Browser tab > Content > Audio > Wwise_Events > SFX_Cinematic folder.
  3. In the UE4 toolbar > Window, select the WwisePicker
    Then under the folder Path: Event > Cinematic, drag the event SFX_CIN_Intro into the Content Browser … > Cinematic folder.
    Double click the event, then assign the event to the Sound Bank: SB_Cinematic
  4. Save the Event updates
  5. Generate the UE4 Sound Banks
  6. The import the sound bank updates via the popup message in the lower right of the unreal screen
  7. Open the test map we have created in Chapter 01 (or a map you are working with)
  8. Then drag in the SFX_CIN_Intro Event into the map.
    In the World_Outliner tab > Audio_SFX folder. Create a folder Called: BP_Ref
    Drag the SFX_CIN_Intro item in the World Outliner List into the new BP_Ref Folder
    – TIP: As we have not associated any 3d Position in Wwise, the sound will play as 2D.
    Where you place the emitter is up to you, however, it would be good practice to place besides the Player start position.
    – TIP: you may wish to rename the SFX_CIN_Intro to BPR_SFX_CIN_Intro.
    This makes viewing what the list item is clearer.
  9. Select the SFX_CIN_Intro list entry, then in the Details tab, under AK Component > Occlusion Refresh Interval, change the value to 0.0.
    TIP: What this does is turn off occlusion. If you leave this on, the line of sight of the player starting position and where the emitter is place in map, may make the sound be occluded (not be heard) when the map loads.
  10. Save the Map updates

STEP 03:
Unreal Level BP

In this step we assign the needed BP nodes to play the event only when the map loads.

  1. Open the test map we have created in Chapter 01 (or a map you are working with)
  2. In the UE4 central toolbar select BluePrints > Open Level BluePrints.
    TIP: Any BP content you set up will only be available in this map
  3. In the graph, right click next to the Event BeginPlay Node.
    Then select: AudioKinetic > Actor > Post Event
    In the Post Event node, change the Ak Event to SFX_CIN_Intro item into the graph.
    Then draw a line between the Event BeginPlay Node and the Post Event Node, to connect the node chain.
  4. Then from the World Outliner tab drag the SFX_CIN_Intro.
    Then draw a line between the SFX_CIN_Intro node and the Post Event node Actor
  5. Mouse drag select a box around the 2 nodes we have created.
    Then press C on your keyboard.
    Name the comment to SFX_Map_Intro
    TIP: We comment what these nodes do. Creating clear visibility as the BP is worked on in the future.
  6. Click on the compile button.
  7. Then save the BluePrint updates
  8. Now test when you play the map as soon as the map loads you hear your SFX asset

Every time you boot the map you will now hear the cinematic intro SFX Event


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