Wwise Unreal 2019 – Chapter 00: Introduction

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 09/11/2019      Version: 1.00

Wwise Unreal – Chapter 00:

In this quick overview introduction video, we outline what the guide will cover.
The guide is aimed at beginners wishing to learn basic core Wwise & Unreal modern implementation pipelines & processes.

Video Guide

What Will This Guide Series Cover?
We start by creating a new basic project in Unreal V4.23. Then build a basic small non-enemy island test map, based on the free default Unreal new project content available.
Once the basic map is created in Unreal, we Integrate Wwise into the project.
From there we guide you through some the basic audio processes and principles that will aid the introduction of audio implementation into Unreal

For example:
* Initial Wwise Project Set-up of default Wwise project structure, Sound Banks, Global voice limits, etc..
* Implementation of environments and reverbs
* Associating SFX to animations
* Working with AK Node’s in Blueprints
* Using & implementing Wwise Switches & RTPC’s in Blueprints.

Each tutorial video can be quite compact and will be speedy at times to keep video lengths as short as possible. To compensate for this please see our website for the associated video written guides.
In each written guide there will be a more detailed extra tips and explanations of why we implement certain bits.

For content not focused on implementation, e.g. scoping the projects audio content, scheduling tasks, memory Optimisation, audio QA tasks, etc..
please see the chapters of our Wwise & Cube 2019 guide series for further details.
A link to the guide series can be found in the description below.

Most of the audio assets we use come from our own released and un-released SFX libraries, which you too can purchase over at asoundeffect.com.

What Will You Need To Know For This Guide Series?
We will guide you through all details needed, even if you have no knowledge of the Unreal game engine or Wwise audio engine.

However, we advise you get to grips with official Unreal & Wwise tutorials, so you have a basic understanding of the interfaces used. Please see the descriptions for the official
Wwise 101 Course
and the Unreal 4 tutorials

Please note: the map used in this guide is created from the ground up via the guide videos and is not available for download or available in any AK Wwise projects to download.

So, with that, let’s get started!
Good luck with your own Unreal and Wwise projects.

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