Wwise Unreal 2019 – Chapter 01A: UE4 – Create A New Project

Created By: Game Audio Resource Ltd     Date: 09/11/2019      Version: 1.00

Wwise Unreal: Chapter 01 A – UE4:
Create A New Project

First we need to download the Unreal installer. Then set up a brand new Unreal project with the default free starter content.
An official Unreal guide can be found here of how to install Unreal4: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/GettingStarted/Installation/index.html


  • STEP 01: Download The Unreal Installer
  • STEP 02: Create A New Unreal Project

Download the Free Written guide:

Video Guide

Written Guide 

STEP 01:
Download The Unreal Installer

  1. Go to the Unreal Engine website: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/
    Click on the download button, Register an account,
    Then download the Unreal installer.
  2. Once the installer is downloaded and installed open the Unreal Installer
  3. Navigate to the Unreal Engine > Library tab.
    Ensure you have the engine version you wish to work with
    For this guide we are using Unreal 4.23.0
  • TIP: If you wish to add another Unreal version simply click the Engine Versions “Plus” UI button. Then in the new UI Engine version, select the build you wish to install


STEP 02:
Create A New Unreal Project

  1. Under the Engine Versions > 4.23.0, click the Launch UI Button
  2. In the Unreal Project Browser, click on the New Project tab.
  3. Under the blue Prints tab, select the “First Person” Option
  4. Ensure you have the 3 settings options set as:
    Desktop / Console
    Maximum Quality
    With Start Content
  5. Define where you want to place your new Unreal Project Folder
  6. Then Name your project. E.g. Wwise_Demo
  • TIP: Your project name should be less than 20 characters.
  1. Finally, click on Create New Project UI button to create your new Unreal Project.
  2. Once the project loads, Play the default map to ensure the game runs okay and you hear audio.
    NOTE: The audio heard is triggered via Unreal’s audio engine, not Wwise.
  3. Save the project.
  4. You may wish to navigate to your local directory Unreal project location. Then create a shortcut, to place on your desktop for quick access.
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